Laundry…and Bleach

I don’t know about you… but there seems to be an endless supply of laundry around my house.  Since the girls have grown, so have the number of loads.  

Sure is funny how a weeks’ worth of toddlers clothes can grow into 3 loads for a teenager.    Multiply that times four people plus add in all the towels and sheets, no wonder I needed a new washer & dryer. 

Doing laundry makes me wonder if God feels that way about us as well.  As children we didn’t have as much dirty laundry as we have as adults.  Do you think God ever gets tired of our laundry?  

Isn’t bleach just the greatest thing.  Add a little bleach and those towels come out of the dryer white again.  Thank you Jesus, your blood is my bleach.


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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2 Responses to Laundry…and Bleach

  1. Very nice Regina look forward to reading your posts

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