The Clock

Spring Forward / Fall Back.   Funny how it seems we get out of whack during these two times of the year.  I guess there are pros and cons to them both.  Of course we all look forward to having more daylight in the Spring afternoons when we make the “time change” but as the days get longer we just get used to it.   Then in the Fall, bam it seems like we are getting off work and driving home in the dark.

Have we become slaves to the clock?   For most of history it was the sun that determined when we did what and for how long.  We worked while the sun was up and went to bed after it went down.   But with our “modern” technologies we have now established set times to do everything.  And with that it seems like we are scheduling every minute of every day according to that clock.  I guess we have become slaves to the clock.   Maybe it would do us good if we were to pick one day each month, which we will give up the clock and just see what happens.  We can always set our alarm to bring us back to our modern lifestyle.


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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