In a Blink of the Eye

That’s just about how long it takes sometimes to turn your life upside down. 

Watching the reports of the damage from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I am reminded of how quickly things can happen.  One moment you’re going about your day and then, disaster strikes.    Imagine moments after the earthquake stops you’re faced with the extremely damaging effects of that wall of water, destroying everything in its path.   Now as the weather has turned cold and the snow is falling, hope for survivors begin to fade.   Now with the complications of the nuclear emergency, I’m sure many feel overwhelmed. 

Hope is still alive.  You can see it in people coming together, working side by side, and doing what they can for each other.  It is through the tragedy that the spirit has the ability to shine through all the darkness.    My prayers go out to those in Japan.  From those that have lost so much, to the rescue workers that are striving to find what they can.  As the media will do their best to show us the darkness of each moment, let us strive to search for the light, and let us strive to reflect that light.


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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