Spring cleaning

What is it about having a couple of 70 degree days with sunshine that make you want to get up, open the windows and grab the pine-sol?  After several hours of listening to the radio, I have a house that is a bit of a cross between a Colorado pine forest and a Florida orange grove.  I really like my orange furniture polish.  Everything is so shiny.   I have also managed to fill three large contractor sized trash bags.  It just feels good to actually be able to see that wonderful sunshine streaming through a freshly washed window. 

Spring time is a time for renewal.  As we shake off the gray of winter and welcome the sights, sounds, and warmth of spring, let us do a little spring cleaning not just in our houses but in our lives as well.  Let’s take a little time to look at our priorities.  Are you focusing your time and efforts on the things that are important to you?  Are the First things first in your life?   If not it might be time to grab the pine-sol or maybe even a trash bag.


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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  1. Hi Regina as ususal very good post hope you are having as much fun writing as I have reading. Herb

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