Jelly Beans

What is it with jelly beans?  Why is it that you open a bag, pour them into the candy dish and then you walk by a few times and they are gone.  Poof, they just disappear.   Of course you can’t sit down and eat the whole bowl.  They are too sweet to eat in one sitting.  But they disappear just as effectively, two or three at a time. 

I think it is a conspiracy.  We are surrounded by all this Easter Candy.  Back in January we made these great resolutions, do you remember?  We were going to eat healthy and exercise.  We promised ourselves we would lose this weight we’ve found since last fall.  Of course we have been tortured by the weather this winter.  Who wants to exercise in sub-freezing weather?   How can we eat healthy when a hot bowl of chili sounds so good?  Then our motivation is returned, spring is hiding just around the corner.  We have been teased by a few days of wonderful warm weather.  We have loaded our grocery carts with fruits and veggies.  But then we are overcome, sabotaged  by Jelly Beans.


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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2 Responses to Jelly Beans

  1. As ususal nice post hope all is going well with you. Keep em coming Herb

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