May you receive the gift of sacrifice …

Sacrifice is the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

Sacrifice is not something that many people like to do. We don’t seem to want to give up things. We tend to want to hang on, even to a sinking ship. I have learned that through sacrifice we sometimes end up with something far better. I am reminded of a wonderful story I have heard many times. A little girl spent a couple of dollars for a stand of “pearls” at the discount store. Of course they were not real, but she loved them all the same. She would wear her pearls every day. Even though the “pearl” finish on the beads was beginning to wear, she still wore them. One day her father asked her if she would give him her “pearls”. Of course she said no, she loved her “pearls”. He talked with her and told her he had a gift for her, that he loved her and he only wanted her “pearls”. After several weeks of her father asking her for her “pearls”, the girl decided she loved her father and she would give him her precious “pearls”. She turned them over, slowly, with her a hands lingering, hanging on till the very last moment. Her father then pulled out his gift to give to her. The box was so beautifully wrapped, but for a few moments her heart was so grieved over the loss of her “pearls” she couldn’t bring herself to open the box. Her father patiently waited. He knew what was in the box. He knew the gift he had for her all along. Then finally she opened the box. Laying beautifully inside the box was a strand of real pearls. They were laying there, a perfectly matched strand just waiting for her to wear.

How many times are we like that we hang on to things we thought were “pearls”? When our Father has the real pearls just waiting for us. Can we make the right sacrifices in our life?

Our Father sacrificed His Son for us, will we accept His gift?



About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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