I had a great discussion with an old friend last week. Not only did we talk about friendship in general, but we discussed our friendship. Yes, we know we have a special bond that goes beyond the normal friendship protocols. In that discussion we talked about how having that bond has helped each other through many struggles. You see, we are real with each other. We have a trust and understanding that we love each other enough that we can lay the truth out and not be upset about it. See we help each other not only understand our side of an issue, but we depend upon each other to point out the other side’s view trying to understand that as well. A great friend will keep you grounded in the truth. They will pick you up when you are down, but in a truthful way that will help you see if you’ve erred. They will encourage you to do the right thing, all while loving you and forgiving you for messing up. The challenging part is the two way street, you’ve got to accept the truth in what your friend tells you, knowing that they want the best possible outcome for you.

It reminds me that God is the same way. Studying God’s word we are often confronted with the truth. Our mistakes and shortcomings are pointed out when we truly examine ourselves with His Word. We have a choice, accept God’s truth and move forward to do the right thing, or get mad, turn away and try to shift blame. God wants the best possible outcome for us too. So much that he sent His Son to die for our mistakes. It would be a shame to turn your back on friendship like that….


About Regina Ellis

Child of God, Wife of Brad, Mother of Kersten & Nicole, Friend of All
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